Bluetooth PAN (BNEP) non-functional on TX1?

The TK1 used standard bluez (bluetooth.ko) whereas the latest L4T 24.1 for TX1 uses bluedroid_pm. This appears to cause problems when attempting to use Bluetooth PAN (bnep.ko) and pretty much any of the supplied command line or GUI tools because they all assume a bluez back end.

Has anyone successfully gotten the latest TX1 sample image to tether to another device (BNEP client)? If so, how?

Hi robross0606,

The Bluetooth PAN and NAP should work on TX1.

You may follow below instructions to connect to a bluetooth tethered nexus device to confirm that:


Turns out the problem is related to using the TX1 on the Auvidea carrier board. I am receiving all sorts of notifications in dmesg related to BNEP, bluetooth and power.