Bluetooth range in xavier nx

i was using bluetooth in xavier nx paired with ps4 controller to control my rover. but i am not getting bluetooth range more than 1m. whereas i used the same controller with jetson nano with external bluetooth module and antenna i was able to achieve range of around 20m. is there a way i can increase the range in xavier nx?


I realize that you are a Moderator, but I have to disagree with your answer.

My Xavier NX came with an M2 Key E slot that included a WiFi/BT module ( 802.11 plug-in WLAN and Bluetooth® module with antennas*(assembled underneath the carrier board)*), however instead of the usual rubber ducky antennas, the antennas are butterfly style antennas that are buried under the processor body.
I suspect that siddharth’s loss of range is due to the fact that Nano project builders usually use the rubber ducky style antenna where as the Xavier NX comes standard with the butterfly style antenna that have much shorter transmission/reception range than the rubber ducky antennas and are buried under the processor body.
Rubber ducky style antennas can be added by installing the NX in this case.
Regards, TCIII

Did you buy the official NX devkit? Can you please share a photo of it? If it is third-party NX kit, please check with vendor first. In general the whip antenna should have better character than PCB type antenna.

I am using the butterfly style antennas on nano as well as xavier. though i thought loss of range was due to the fact that the module and antenna was buried under the processor but actually i found that that it was problem with the bluetooth module that came with xavier nx. i could get ≈20m range by replacing the module with the one i used on nano.
though the module that came with xavier nx is from a reputed brand (realtek) i expected it to perform better but nevertheless it works fine with an external one.

i got the nx with a module inbuilt with it buried under the processor as TCIII said… i am attaching the picture of it FYR. Thank you

Got it, thanks. Yes, there is a M2, key E WiFi/BT module with devkit. So if the RF feature is not as expected even with the different antenna position, it might be a configuration problem. We’ll check and feedback once available. [Remove above comments of WiFi/BT module of devkit)


Honestly speaking, we don’t have any software method that could enhance the transmission range over wifi/BT.
Since the wifi/bt modules are from other vendors, their firmware decides it and we cannot change.

If the module coming along with NX is not in good quality, please use other wifi/bt modules.


This link will show you the difference between the butterfly antennas and the rubber ducky antennas as far as signal strength on a Xavier NX.

Regards, TCIII

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