Blurr text and images in screen when using 379.39 driver (again)

I get again blurring text and my windows screen again. When using updated 379.39 driver in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Driver quality is really bad in recent times. I have suffered with this problem for a very long time. At times, it disappears for some reason, but always come back. Using Nvdia GTX 770. When, for example, the mouse selects the text box so the text will be improved. But after a while it shimmers out.

Screenshot of my desktop!AxxygBIK!79bbekT7yaLsoxIYtNV_wfAPsjj4F32ra5qbeVkY4gk
Hardinfo report:!cpg3VAjI!tpA4CY0HHj47AOuY3z-vrVRkJju5VxU4aY6l8TT6l9w
Nvidia log (bug-report) files:!8ohkzLBC!-qwXBZivmTxs-29oiXvawvocmDQgJZsqSzhN8LGgNWE

I have made a small statistic. Where’s the version problem comes up all the time. Blurr versios are 375.39, 367.10, 349.12, 346.47 and 346.35

When using 375.26 version. It is working great but not found any ppa.

375.26 working great but not found in ppa.