Blurry Leopard IMX185 camera

Hey. I clean installed Jetpack 3.3 onto my tx2 and from what I understand the driver for this CSI camera is supposed to work by default on it. And in fact I do get a camera feed. I can manipulate some settings like white balance with argus and such, only the image is totally blurry, as if there were no focus happening.

Is there an auto-focus option for the driver somewhere I haven’t set? Or maybe a way I can diagnose if it’s a malfunction on the camera itself?

It’s on a 3-camera LI-JTX1-MIPI-ADPT board, and I only have one camera connected on port one.


Hi mateus.sureis,

Have you tried to adjust the focus? The M12 lens can be adjusted manually.
The IMX185 camera doesn’t support auto focus function.

Duh… Of course. This is what happens when you get the camera without the manual.
Well, at least it was something simple.
Thanks a lot.