BMM150 compass module RunTimeError


I recently purchased the 3-Axis grove compass module. I am connecting module to Jetson NX and getting the error:

RuntimeError: UPM Runtime Error: BMM150: bmm150_init() failed

Keeps failing on the line in the example code:

sensor = sensorObj.BMM150(1, 0x13)

On giving the terminal command

i2cdetect -r -y 1

the jetson does not register the compass. The jetson i2c pins as well as the connecting wires work fine and also tried different values and formatting and other i2c combinations.

Any tips or hints or such on how should this be tackled?

Grove sample code can be accessed at:

Thank You in advance!

Can i2cdetect find the device?
Did you consult with vendor if need any kernel configure or driver for this device?

Hello ShaneCCC,

No the i2cdetect command does not detect the device and the drivers were installed based on the vendor’s github page (Linked here) but since I could not find any specific driver available for Jetson NX, I considered it to work like a Raspberry pi as I have previously borrowed some libraries from them to get servo motors and similar things to work on Jetson nx.