BMP reverts from custom logo to NVIDIA logo after reboot

I followed the instructions in Linux_for_Tegra/tools/bmp-splash and have successfully flashed a few different devices and they all boot correctly and show my custom logo.

BUT when I reboot the device it shows the nVidia logo
Where is the NVIDIA logo coming from?? I have even rewritten the BMP partition with dd and my logo but it still boots with the NVIDIA logo.

Do you observe the issue on latest r32.4.3? Or which version you are using?

I am working with an OEM device and the image has many hand rolled bits (starting with 32.4.3), i will try to do some experiments on a devkit with the image built by the sdkmanager to see if I can reproduce with something that has fewer variables.

I am just curious as to where this image could be coming from in the boot process. It isn’t from the BMP partition. Is there a backup location with the logo in it?


Please check the boot log and see if it is booting from BMP_B partition.

If it does not, then it is probably a image file we put in rootfs. This is not splash logo during cboot.

hello DaneLLL
I have already done on tx2 and nx (r32.4.3)
logo of tx2 not show , logo of nx only full reflash is well but flash BMP not show logo

Hi 15754515217,

If you have any new issue, please file your own topic.


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I don’t have a BMP_B partition should I?
And excuse my ignorance but where do I find boot log?

Please check this page and dump the log from UART.

After many iterations and not exactly knowing what fixed it. The problem has gone away and never come back. I did a clean reinstall of everything… (Classic, did you unplug it and plug it back in?)