Board_config in device-tree

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I have seen in Jetpack 5 the “board_config”-node in some dtbo source files. I am currently not sure what I am supposed to write in the “id” and “sw-module” property of it.

Is there some documentation that I might have missed? It’s barely mentioned in the r35.2.1 Developer guide.

For what those values are even used (I assume for Jetsion-IO to detect curren dtbo that is used.)
Are there other values, except for “kernel” as “sw-modules” and what does “LPRD-001-imx390” exactly refer to (“IMX390” is the image sensor, but for what does “LPDR” and “001” stand for)?

(Source file l4t.35.2.1: tegra234-p3737-camera-imx390-overlay.dts)

	fragment@13 {
		/// target = <&csi_chan0_port0>;
		target-path = "/host1x@13e00000/nvcsi@15a00000/channel@0/ports/port@0";
		board_config {
			ids = "LPRD-001-imx390";
			sw-modules = "kernel";
		__overlay__ {
			status = "okay";

hello TobidieTopfplanze,

please see-also Jetson Partner Supported Cameras.
LPRD it’s Leopard Imaging, and 001 meant the board sku.

Thanks for your quick reply!

So it’s just following a nameing schema: vendor-sku-sensor, do you might have some more information on the sw-modules-property?

It’s currently still unclear to me for what those properties are used.

hello TobidieTopfplanze,

it has two options available for this sw-modules property, such as… sw-modules = "kernel"; or, sw-modules = "uefi";
you should using kernel for camera devices, since it’s linux kernel to register camera device to video node during kernel init.

Thanks a lot for the help :D

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