Board ID in custom carrier Board

I have designed a custom carrier board, and I’m trying to flash the modified kernel and u-boot following this guide, In my design there isn’t an eeprom, so, as I understand I need to to pass the BOARDID through a XLM file, but I don’t know how.
According to the guide, we need to copy board_config_p2597-devkit.xml to board_config_ and
in Linux_for_Tegra/.conf change this BCFFILE=“bootloader/${target_board}/cfg/board_config_.xml”; to point to the xlm file that was previously created.

the content of the xlm file is:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!-- Nvidia Tegra board info configuration file -->

    <board type="proc" id="2180" sku="1000" fab="0" />
    <board type="display" id="0xffff" sku="0000"/>
    <board type="pmu" id="2180" sku="0000" />

How can I flash the jetson with the new configuration?

Thank you.

Hi, please refer to this topic