BodyPoseNet Change keypoints


The BodyPoseNet documentation includes the following statement.

The default model predicts the following 18 keypoints:

nose, neck, right_shoulder, right_elbow, right_wrist, left_shoulder, left_elbow, left_wrist,right_hip, right_knee, right_ankle, left_hip, left_knee, left_ankle, right_eye, left_eye, right_ear, left_ear

Is it possible to change the number of keypoints and edge names to work?

For example, transfer learning on a dataset of a person’s upper body or an animal dataset.

And if I want to change them, should I rewrite the contents of the pose configuration file specified by “pose_config_path”?

Thank you for your cooperation.

Currently it is not compatible with custom skeleton.
For animal dataset, if it matches the default keypoints, it can be working.

Thank you very much.

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