BodyPoseNet with DeepStream

Currently my DeepStream version is 5.1
I am trying to run BodyPoseNet model with DeepStream test5 app and getting errors, As BodyPoseNet is supported by DeepStream 6.0 , So I applied for early access to DeepStream6.0 as well, but not yet received access . Can you please provide guidence for getting access . TIA.

I’m asking our internal team to check and to approve the access. Please stay tuned.


Thanks @kayccc for quick response.

@kayccc I received access link from NGC but I am not seeing DeepStream 6.0 downloadable on dashboard (NVIDIA NGC)

Please access the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK 6.0 - Early Access | NVIDIA Developer to get the DeepStream SDK 6.0 EA version.

@kayccc Not able to download .deb file when I tried to download it is giving Failed-Server problem .

Which one you can’t download?
Please provid the file name, then we can check it.

From Early access assets option - DeepStream for Servers and Workstations (T4, A100, other NVIDIA GPUs) - there is deb and tar but both are not downloading. @kayccc here is screenshot for more ref-

@kayccc is there any other link from where I can dowload Deepstream- 6.0 .Deb file ?

Can you try again, please?

Maybe there was a hiccup on the server side? Or pleae clear all cache and cookie to try again.

I cleared cookies and cache as well but still having same issue.

@kayccc I have done everything and my other teammate is also checked from different system and location. Also Documentation link is redirecting to ( screenshots) … Can you please confirm

Issue should be resovled now, please help to try it again.


Thanks @kayccc . It is working now .

Sorry for posting on already solved issue

I would also love to try a BodyPoseNet application with DeepStream 6.0, can I get EA approval?

Hi mikolaj.badocha,

If you have applied the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK 6.0 - Early Access | NVIDIA Developer, you should get approval in couple days.

@kayccc I am trying to use BodyPoseNet with deepstreams-test5-app but not getting any documentation for how to use BodyPoseNet as PGIE/SGIE , I want to try with deployable model so where I can find config file for BodyPoseNet ?

Hi priti,

Please help to initial a new topic. Thanks

I created new one already but not received any suport there