BOINC on Jetson_Nano won't run

I have installed what is available in “apt” which is boinc-manager (7.16.17+dfsg+202106102124~ubuntu18.04.1).But it comes up with an error message "Boinc-manager cannot start boinc-client, Please start manually via command line.
How do we make the boinc-client run. I I have looked through the internet and what is there does not work on the new BOINC 7.16.17.
I am using jetson-nano-jp46-sd-card-image.

Sorry that we don’t have experience for such tool either. Maybe other users could help.

I’ve never used this, but it does seem like an interesting piece of software. What command did you use to start? Can you provide the full output of the command “boinc”?

Incidentally, I’m only using remote display and this has limitations, but was able to run “boinc” as root (sudo) on a TX2. It runs as a regular user as well, but needs to have a “slots” directory added in home.

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