Bookmarks keep vanishing

Hey all

Im noticing that i am looking my bookmarks in the content browser, seems to be fine for a day or so and then theyve vanished.

Have this in the console log.

2023-10-27 09:21:58 [Warning] [omni.kit.window.filepicker.api] No item exists with url ‘file://bookmarks:/’.

Any ideas?

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@parance i haven’t run into this. is it safe to assume you are on 2023.2.0 beta? or did you lose it in between version updates?

Yes it is but its done it in other versions as well. It feels like at least once a week i’m looking my bookmarks randomly.

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Have you found a fix? This is very time consuming, even happens on a reformatted PC fresh install.

Can you send me the complete Composer logs, when this occurs. Go to the console, and then it will have a “open folder” icon. Click on that and open the logs folder and zip that up and send it to me.

Are you losing your bookmarks just between installs, or every time you restart the computer, or every time you restart the app ? Can you be very specific as to when you lose them.

Hi Richard,
They seem to disappear more if there is an update, theyve been ok for a few weeks. So perhaps its that which is doing it. I’ll keep an eye on them and if they disappear will check the logs, but i suspect an update is doing it.


@parance the explanation from the dev team seems to point that as the likely cause:

The official way to maintain your bookmarks through an install is to back up the “omniverse.toml” file which holds all of your bookmarks. You can find this in “C:\Users\richa.nvidia-omniverse\config”

I was losing them every time I restarted the app. I ran the omniverse cleaner, reinstalled everything and my bookmarks work now.

ok thanks, can confirm that 2023.2.0 installed yesterday and kept my bookmarks. So looks like its fixed now.

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Great thanks

My bookmarks are again vanishing with every restart of the PC.

All I can suggest is you manually check your bookmarks in the “omniverse.toml” file and see why you are losing them. It could be an anti virus or an aggressive file cleaner that is corrupting the file or deleting it.

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