When I try to open a file in 105 beta (2023.1 beta), the “bookmarks” does not show the bookmarks. They are there in the Content window, just not the “Open File” dialog.

Thank you for reporting your finding. We will be looking into this asap. Your ticket number is OM-100275. Can you try creating fresh bookmarks and deleting the old ones and seeing if that helps ?

Ah, new bookmarks work. It is only old bookmarks. I added “Backups” as a new bookmark.

So your call whether to fix. I can always delete and add the bookmarks back in.

Oh, and I noticed the old bookmarks look like documents? They don’t have the folder icon. (They are folders, just like “Backups”). Maybe the bookmarks are there, but being filtered out by the Open File dialog box because they are the “wrong type”.

(And yes, deleteing and re-adding the bookmark now works. The icon changes for “My Projects” to a folder, but “Omniverse” (not deleted) is a “file” icon.

After asking the Dev team, this is the response. It seems that older bookmarks may not come through correctly, since we have modifed the code since. It may be best to delete them and recreate them. I am sorry I can not offer an automatic solution.

“this issue would happen if the user has bookmarks created from older versions (since we didn’t use to support bookmarking files until 2023.1.0), so previous created bookmarks are treated as files”

Thanks for the feedback. It’s not one I am going to lose sleep over (they are quick to recreate), but since file bookmarks were not previously supported, it would have made more sense that previously created bookmarks are treated as directories and not files since they could not have possibly been files before.