Books/Resources to learn CUDA!!

Hey folks, I am a college student aspiring to learn CUDA during my free time.

My first program was converting a RBG image to grayscale with CUDA and now I just finished a pinhole camera model with CUDA and learning how to use nvprof to benchmark and improve my code. I have been learning through the documentation and youtube series CS344. From what I understand the video series used to be on Udacity but was taken down because the content was outdated. With that in mind, I have been looking into resources to learn such as textbooks and online classes but not sure how to invest my time. I was wondering if there are any tips/resources/books/project ideas that helped you learn CUDA and would recommened an beginner to check out.uc browser shareit appvn

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Hi ghaaskhateshueghodel,
I would recommend you to refer the Deep Learning Institute online portal hosted by Nvidia,

There are a lot of courses and contents available for you to learn CUDA under the Accelerated Computing Section.

You can also find many blogs about CUDA and other tech. related news in the following link here.

Would recommend you to check the CUDA toolkit documentation for your programming practices.

And refer the CUDA programming Guide
I saw CS344 later :D

Nothing more to say to the answer from But maybe a small hint: Check the dates of the tutorials and blog entries. Some are really old and use deprecated function calls.

Also, check out the Pro Tips of the devblog of NVIDIA: These really help to get a good style of your cuda-code.

Refer here