Boost.Asio issues on NX (RS-232 Interface)

I have been implementing a driver for a sensor. The communication is done using RS-232 and I have been using a generic RS-232 to USB/UART adapter.

When implementing in my developer machine (x86) I decided to use the boost.asio library to interface with the device with no issues. The driver can poll at high frequency. I am able to send a request and then immediately start reading the buffer. Here it seems the read function blocks (as the documentation states), I read character by character until the end of the transmission char.

When I tested on the Jetson device I started having a lot of issues and the library throwing many exceptions. I can get it working if my program runs much slower. I make a request, wait a while (to make sure there is a response) and then I can read. This really slow downs how fast I can poll data from the device.

Is there any known issues regarding boost/boost.asio and Jetson devices? Any caveats regarding compilation/installation of the library?

I have exactly the same versions of Ubuntu 18.04, libboost-dev(1.65.1) and gcc(7.5.0-3) in both of the mentioned machines (so I’m discarding any versioning issues)

Many thanks.

hello AGVV_TII ,

the default UART bardrate settings is 115200/8n1, have you disable Hardware Flow Control for testing?

Hi @JerryChang, yes I did. Im setting the port settings in the serial device class for the asio. (It works like that in my machine, its just when running it on Jetson).


There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

hello AGVV_TII,

could you please share the error messages for reference,