Boot and OS upgrades?

I haven’t touched my TX2 in so long that it does not have the latest OS version.

  1. The Nano now allows SD card boot and then further OS updates via the Package Manager. Is there any way I can go straight from what’s on the TX2 now to that newest release of OS?

  2. Can the TX2 support desktop style BIOS setups such that we can boot from SD, USB drive, NVME drive (on PCIe connector,) or external HDD (on the SATA port?)

  3. If either question is yes, how do I get there from here, please?


This kind of upgrade is not possible, although the most recent release makes something like this work. Embedded systems do not have a BIOS, and even the work done for this is done in software instead, all of which is quite custom to the specific hardware. However, if you use JetPack/SDK Manager to flash the most recent release, then this release has gone to a over-the-air update, and after this, you should be able to do remote package style updates.

There is no BIOS style picking of boot loaders. Using alternate boot media can work, depending on release, but it won’t be as simple as just picking which device you want to boot from.