Boot completely from USB

Hi @JerryChang , @WayneWWW , @ShaneCCC , @linuxdev

Following the link , only the rootfs of the Jetson is copied on the partition in the USB drive and mounted while booting.

In the USB boot mentioned above, during boot the dtb is taken from kernel-dtb partition of the emmc.

Is there a way by which all the partitions on the emmc like kernel-dtb, kernel,bootloader-dtb, BCT, MB1-BCT, etc., can be created on USB and flashed with respective image and booted completely from USB by enabling USB on BIOS?


Not possible. The background on why is that embedded devices do not have a BIOS. Much of that non-rootfs content (other than the bootloader itself) is essentially what you’d find in the BIOS of a PC motherboard. What moving entirely to USB would do is also require moving the BIOS to an external device.

Every embedded device is custom so far as boot flow goes. You cannot do many of the things a PC motherboard can do because there is no BIOS to abstract the boot content.