/boot/config.txt equivalent on jetson nano

While trying to configure a USB HUB HAT (4 Port USB HUB HAT for Raspberry Pi, USB to UART Onboard) on a jetson nano, it is required to add a configuration line to the /boot/config.txt as handled by the Raspberry Pi (following these instructions: GitHub - sbcshop/SB-Serial-Expansion-Hat: A guide to install and use SB- Serial expansion HAT on Raspberry pi with examples.).
Is there an equivalent file in jetson nano?
If not, how can I do the same config to use the USB HUB HAT in the jetson nano, as the GPIO pin appear to be compatible.

I don’t think I can answer this, but I’m going to mention what I think this is…

On your URL I see it wants to add this:

I don’t know if that is for kernel command line, or for device tree. Do understand though that device tree overlays are different between a Jetson and an RPi. In the end, I think what you’re asking for is to add a device tree node. I couldn’t tell you how to do that for this case.

On the other hand, their GUI screenshot looks like a kernel configuration. If you can find out that this is just a way to work with a particular “CONFIG_...something...” option, then that part is reasonably easy (but different compared to doing so on an RPi). Often device tree edits and changed drivers go together.

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