Boot folder is empty, where are the system files?

Hey guys,

I’m about to try flashing a modified a dtb file. Just to play it super-safe, I thought that I might try pulling the existing dtb file off of the Orin first and comparing it to a compiled dtb file with no modifications. They should be bit-for-bit identical.

But, our Orin has a “/boot” folder which is completely empty. And there’s no “vmlinuz” file or anything like that in the root either. So I’m sort of puzzled at where this is actually stored. In addition to the main partition, “vblkdev0p1”, there’s the data partion, “sda”. It’s not there either. And it’s not on the other two recognized partitions on the system, “vblkdev1” and “vblkdev1”.

Are you asking for Jetson Orin NX? Which JetPack SW?

If you’re asking for DRIVE AGX Orin issue, please open your issue at Latest DRIVE AGX Orin/DRIVE AGX Orin General topics - NVIDIA Developer Forums


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