Boot from network without sdcard or flashing


Is it possible to boot completely new jetson nano (devkit or production module) from network without SDcard or flashing or any other human interaction with it? I want to connect new jetson nano only to network and power source (or to carrier board if speaking about production module) and boot it.

I can setup root on NFS and PXE and all other stuff that is needed for network boot, but can’t get from documentation whether jetson nano support any type network boot (PXE or DHCP) “from the box” without flashing and without any other “direct” (not from network)

I’ve already read - it says that I need to enter several commands in the u-boot prompt, it’s not suitable.

Thank you

No such solution to match your request. At least someone needs to interact the board and tells it where to connect it to the server… It is kind of common sense to tell the board about the IP of where your NFS sever is located.

Thank you. And is SDcard necessary for this? Or Jetson Nano can be booted from network without any sdcard?

SDcard is necessary