Boot from SD card


I would like to boot a Xavier from SD card. I have tried this tutorial with Jetpack 4.2. I would like to create a bootable SD card set up with some pre-installed applications to make sure that the customer should only buy a Xavier, plug in the SD card and run the OS and the applications from the SD card. Is there a way to make it happen or the customer have to modify the built in storage’s boot section?



Currently there are only two ways that are related to SD card boot

  1. Put the rootfs on to sd card. All Linux related userspace tools no longer need to flash from host.
    However, the kernel and bootloader still need to be flashed from host. This way is similar to how Jetson Nano works.

  2. Put the kernel and kernel-dtb to sd card. This way will boot the kernel from SD, if it fails, it will fall back to emmc or usb drive.

Both ways require the host to flash.


So both ways I have to flash the Xavier at my customer so no workaround for that or I can flash the SD card with my own Xavier and it will work on my customer’s Xavier out of the box.

Can you please clarify this for me?

Yes, you must flash it once.