Boot issue after Ubuntu update

Hi everyone,

Something strange happened to me today. After installing latest Ubuntu update on my AGX Xavier, I restarted the board as requested and now it don’t want to start properly.

It classically starts with few code lines and then Nvidia logo, but after that, it is black screen. If I try to type anything on my keyboard, the board reset.

I get something went wrong during the update.

Any suggestions ?


Could you please set Xavier to recovery mode and do clean reflash through SDKManager? See if it goes back to normal after reflashing the system.


I cleaned up my SD card and make a new installation. It works well now, so I really don’t know what happened.

For the record, I just installed the latest ubuntu update (apt update & upgrade), and before rebooting the board, I also installed ffmpeg enhanced with GPU by following this tutorial :

The crash happened after rebooting. I don’t know how these two actions can lead to a system crash. I will try to find other way to install ffmpeg enhanced with GPU just in case.