Boot Jetson Xavier NX from external SSD

Hello all,

I am currently working with Jetson Xavier NX based custom device. I have to boot this device using the external storage device. I am following the steps mentioned in below attached url:

In this example, it will flash the signed images to the Jetson Xavier NX device. But My requirement is to flash the unsigned images to the Jetson Xavier NX device.

I have doubt, if I follow all the steps mentioned in above url, is it damage the NX SoM device? are those scripts fusing the NX SoM registers?

Please help me to clear my doubt.

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Their script should not fuse the NX registers.

Hello Wayne WWW,

Thank you for the quick response. For executing the flashing script, it will require kernel_flash directory in “Linux_for_Tegra/tools/kernel_flash” path. Whichever source code we are using do not have this directory under “Linux_for_Tegra/tools” path.

To getting the kernel_flash directory, I executed “” script and checked all the content of source code.

I am attaching here the kernel_flash directory. It will generating the signed images first and then it will flash the images.

So can you please check once, Is those scripts fusing the registers? I verified in logs, it will fusing the soft registers.

Also it is using another one script, I am attaching that script also here. (15.0 KB) (48.8 KB) (379.0 KB)

Please help me to resolve this query.

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Whether that file exists or not depends on which jetpack release in use. Are you sure you are using latest jetpack?

But not some old one?

Hello WayneWWW,

Thank you for the quick response. We are using older jetpack version. So it is not available in our source code.

From these scripts, is it fusing the soft registers? At the time of flashing, it will print like “Flashing soft_fuses… Done”. So I have doubt.

If we are following the same steps provided in “GitHub - jetsonhacks/bootFromExternalStorage: Shell scripts to setup a NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier or Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit to boot from external storage.” this, it will not damage the NX SoM or not fusing the registers. Is that a correct understanding?

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Unless they use odm_fuse script… it is not possible to fuse your board when their script is just to boot from external drive…

You can refer to the developer guide to know the odm fuse first.