Hello Everyone

I am using Jetson-TK1 board and learn how to use it for our future production, with L4T R21.4, nothing is displayed on HDMI in u-boot stage, even the HDMI is not enabled, I have checked the source, it seems that the uboot does not support HDMI.

  1. If there is a u-boot source that support LOGO display on HDMI?
  2. If R21.4 u-boot support LVDS, if yes, how to enable LOGO display on LVDS?

Anyone can help me?

U-boot and early messages show up only on the serial console (serial console works early on because no graphics driver is required). The 9-pin D-shell connector has this function. The logo would be over HDMI, but I’m not sure what would be required to set this up…I’ve seen the question before but no answer so far.

I think it require framebuffer patches for u-boot. I’m trying that some time ago, but without success so far.

I think so. If there is a framebuffer patch, adding a LOGO is easy to do, I have ever done it on OMAP and IMX6Q platform. But driving the LVDS is difficult, according the datasheet, DC and LVDS unit should be worked together.

From the NVIDIA website, the tegraK1 have many successful cases on pad, its very strange that NVDIA have no BOOT LOGO patch now.

Our platfoem will be first produced three mouth later, so, if you get some new idea about this problem, please note me, thanks very much!