Boot menu is not loading in Xavier NX Jetpack 5.1.0/1

Hi Nvidia Team,

In Xavier NX with Jetpack 5.1.0 or 5.1.1, while booting-up its showing to press ESC to enter setup (or) press F11 to enter Boot Manager Menu. But pressing either of those results in no boot manager.

Please help with this bug. I want to change the boot device.

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Which interface are you using to press the button? I mean do you use keyboard connected on the board or you are using the serial console on uart?


Are you sure the keyboard has power supply?

Yes it has

Just to clarify. Are you talking about your keyboard totally has not effect when it is in UEFI or keyboard is working but the UEFI menu does not have the item you want?

Hi, same problem here!

Jetson Xaxier NX dev board updated from Jetpapack 4.1 to 5.1 with latest SDKmanager

Boot menu is not accessable. No response to keyboard presses.

I tried wired USB keyboard and also a microsoft wireless keyboard ==> no response to Esc or F11
instead: WARNING TEST KEY IS USED attempting direct boot … => the jetson boots (successfully) to NVMe SSD
(takes ~ 60 secs to login screen)
kind regards



We have updated the UEFI in GitHub - NVIDIA/edk2-nvidia at r35.3.1-updates.

Please build it and update. If you don’t want to do that, please wait for next release.


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