Boot menu not accesible on JP 5.1.1


Keyboard is still not responsive on boot menu on SDKManager installed JetPack 5.1.1 on Xavier NX, Seeed A206 carrier. So I cant access UEFI menu.
My system was installed on NVME drive BTW, I’m not sure if this is also the behavior if the system was installed on emmc.

Here is a related topic:

I found the exact releases for the UEFI on github and posted an issue, hoping that someone will at least read those and be patched this release (issue link). But no one did T_T.

So please mods, launch a hotfix for this…


I think the point here is you are not using a NV devkit. All the default software provided by NV is for the devkit carrier board.
Default software means SDKM/Pure Jetpack.

For any issue you hit on custom board (a custom board means any board that is not NV devkit), please contact the board vendor for info first. Maybe they already provided their own customized BSP somewhere and as you didn’t use it, you hit issue.

Or you can inform the board vendor about this issue and if they don’t know how to resolve it, they will contact us.

Please be aware that sdkmanager does not guarantee it would work fine on custom board.

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