Boot problem

this is my jetson nano when i power it since yesterday. it was okay before that. i think problem is from boot path /dev/sda1 which is on a micro sd card. i have another os on emmc in path /dev/mmcblk0p1 but cant access extlinux.conf form this state. it is a waveshare 4g developer kit.

Sounds like the SD card is corrupted or failed. More likely failed. I don’t know how this is configured, but if you really want to debug as is, then you’ll need a serial console, and probably a full serial console boot log. See:

Note that Waveshare probably has different flash software, or a patch to the NVIDIA flash software, but you would need to check with them to see which specific software to flash with. You might be able to get by with just a new SD card with an image on it, and perhaps edits to it. To succeed though in doing this a serial console is likely needed, and a Linux host PC to edit from.

You could just flash the unit again with Waveshare’s software if you don’t mind losing anything, but this would be a waste if only the SD card is bad. Having a second SD card with an image is the next thing to test. Testing if the SD card itself functions from that second Linux PC would also be important if you want to save it.

Thanks for the response, I used Sdk manager to flash again and it resolved the boot issue at the expense of losing all data on the SD card.

Sometimes recovery is possible using a separate computer. If the data is valuable, then you can use a different SD card, or else clone this onto the hard drive (as a loopback mountable file) of another computer before using the original SD card (recovery and other possibilities then exist). Also, regular backup with rsync is a good idea.

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