Boot sparkfun's jetpack 4.3 on seed studio j101 carrier board from sd

Hello, I bought a recomputer j1010 from seed studio which mounts a jetson nano 4GB on the seedstudio’s j101 carrier board. I also bought a sparkfun jetbot kit v3.0. Now the problem comes i can’t manage to boot the sparkfun’s image on my board even following the guide provided by seed studio linked here:J101 Enable SD Card - Seeed Wiki . As I understood reading forums in order to boot a jetpack version on sd it must be the same on the emmc because of the QSPI boot sequence. i tried by first installing on the board jetpack 4.3 and then following the guide to boot the board from sd card but as it seems it’s impossibile to do it on that L4T version. Is there any solution I can try? Thanks in advance for answers.

Hi domenicopiscite2003,

Could you flash the board successfully with the guide from seedstudio (Flash JetPack OS into reComputer J1010)?
It would be more efficient to ask your vendor about boot up issue of custom board.

You could provide the UART console log of boot up for further check.

I manage to flash it successfully the problem comes when i have to boot the jetson from sd. That’s because i try to boot a 4.3 image on a 4.6 board. I already tried contacting seed studios but they’re not that helpful. I think the only solution i have is modify the 4.3 image and make it be a 4.6 but i don’t know how can i do it🥲

Because you image is from seedstudio, they might do some modification for custom board no matter the version of 4.3 or 4.6.
We could just analyze console log to check if there’s any error of boot up.

How can i have this console log so that i can post it here?

I’m not sure about your carrier board.
For Jetson Nano devkit, you could refer to the following instruction:
Jetson Nano Style - Serial Console

I’ll send the log tomorrow (i’m in italy so it’s late here now); hope to manage to solve this

I just noticed that i don’t have the necessary cables to do it, so i’ll need to buy them first…

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