Boot state of pins for custom carrier board

I developed a custom carrier board for the Jetson Nano and am have a problem with the boot state of several pins. I’m using GPIO8, GPIO9, GPIO10, and GPIO11 to as triggers to a N-Channel MOSFET that drives some relays. This mostly works, except that I cannot seem to change their boot state (I want them all low at boot). GPIO08, GPIO10, and GPIO11 are high at boot, no matter what I do. GPIO9 is low, as I need.

I tried changing them with the pinmux and directly editing the DTSI files then reflashing, but the best I can seem to get is for them to drive low only after they’re high for a few seconds during boot. I’m able to drive them high or low via software after the device has booted.

I’m designing the next version of the carrier board now and I need these GPIO pins to be low at boot. I can change which GPIOs I’m using if these are high at boot and it can’t be changed. However, I was unable to find documentation that explained the boot state of pins or if it something that can be changed. Can somebody please advise how to achieve this?

hello jsuffolk,

please access developer guide, Jetson Xavier NX Adaptation and Bring-Up.
you’ll need to download pinmux spreadsheets and define your board’s pinmux configuration to create a new cfg file.
after that, please re-flash the target completely to update the cfg settings.

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