bootfromUSB not working after install Arducam driver

Nano_UsbBoot_08.txt (21.8 KB)
Nano_UsbBoot_09.txt (21.5 KB)

Remove the quiet inside extlinux.conf so that the kernel log will be printed. Currently, this is silent mode.

Nano_UsbBoot_10.txt (157.3 KB)
OK, here you are.

It looks like you can login now. The last comment is waiting for you to enter info

Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS Nano ttyS0
Nano login: user

Also, it looks like you are using UUID to locate the file system now.

[ 7.963029] Rootfs mounted over PARTUUID=17c0943d-d8d6-47aa-b945-dce49ad99fd4

Is this done by you or you also don’t know where is came from?

yes, i can login now.
current log is that editing sdcard’s extlinux.conf to UUID of USB.
then i can boot using sdcard and usb memory both, not only usb.

it it different from you suggestion?

Nano_UsbBoot_11.txt (78.8 KB)
sorry, i edited by /dev/sda1.
result maybe same.

It is ok. UUID or sda1 both indicate the usb drive.

BTW, the more precise way to describe this:

Currently the kernel is loaded from the sdcard, and this kernel mounts the file system from your usb.

It does not “boot from both”. It boots from the sd.
We use where the kernel located to say where it boots.

yes, it is booted from sdcard.
then, what i do?

What do you want to achieve here?
The board can mount the usb drive now.

If you wan to let kernel be loaded from usb, then just put the UUID to usb drive’s extlinux.conf, remove the sdcard and reboot.

Nano_UsbBoot_12.txt (74.5 KB)
remove sdcard and reboot, same situation happened.

Yes, that is because it seems you didn’t put the root= to your extlinux.conf… (1.1 KB)
extlinux.conf.usb (822 Bytes)
nope. UUID is exactly.
i said this usb is working other Nano device.
it is Nano’s problem, not usb’s problem.

  1. Yes, this is not usb’s problem. I know. No one is blaming your usb.

  2. The problem is somehow the kernel cmdline does not take your UUID. It even not has a root node. Please check if you can add any random string to kernel cmdline and let it show up.

[ 0.000000] Kernel command line: tegraid= ddr_die=4096M@2048M section=512M memtype=0 vpr_resize usb_port_owner_info=0 lane_owner_info=0 emc_max_dvfs=0 touch_id=0@63 video=tegrafb no_console_suspend=1 console=ttyS0,115200n8 debug_uartport=lsport,4 earlyprintk=uart8250-32bit,0x70006000 maxcpus=4 usbcore.old_scheme_first=1 lp0_vec=0x1000@0xff780000 core_edp_mv=1125 core_edp_ma=4000 gpt tegra_fbmem=0x140000@0x92ca9000 is_hdmi_initiali

  1. There was some issue from “bootfromUSB” tool before from other fourm user. Since “bootfromUSB” is not our official tool, if you want to save time, just reflash your board again and follow the method from our document.

ok. i will find another way like #3.
i can understand #2. i don’t know how to add cmdline.

That extlinux.conf is for kernel cmdline.

For example,

Add something like “blurayha123” in below and see if it can appear to the dmesg.

 APPEND ${cbootargs} root=PARTUUID=17c0943d-d8d6-47aa-b945-dce49ad99fd4 rw rootwait rootfstype=ext4 console=ttyS0,115200n8 console=tty0 fbcon=map:0 net.ifnames=0

where did you add “blurayha123”?