Booting custom code on Jetson TX2


My question is about running custom bare-metal or some RTOS based code on the Jetson TX2. I went through several topics on the forum and found out that the best way to do this is to flash a modified u-boot version to load a binary file with the application or RTOS. I also understand that the u-boot will be loaded by the first stage bootloaded in Boot ROM.

Is my undestanding correct? Did anyone try this approach?

I also wonder how the u-boot is recignized by the first bootloader and whether it can be replaced by some other second level boot code?


I can’t answer, but here is something you may be interested in (the boot flow content):

The TX2 is t186, the TX1 is t210, so this is not 100% exact between the two.

If you download the documentation for R28.1 itself, look in the unpacked docs for:
nvl4t_docs/index.html#page/Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide/l4t_bootflow_tx2.html

Thank you for the link. I looks that there may be the answer that I am looking for. I will check this out.