Booting Drive PX2 AutoChauffeur (P2379) for the first time. Not getting any display

I just opened the Drive PX2 hardware from the box and connected the power and HDMI cable. Turned the power on, I was expecting to see something to be displayed, but don’t see anything. What am I missing?

Dear brandonemt5t,
Could you please check the Auto chauffer quick start guide from

Hi, I have the same issue too and I couldn’t find the quick start guide for Auto Chauffer after searching their developer documentation. However, I found the developer guide here:

This implies that we need to flash the Aurix MCU and upgrade the firmware. Is that relevant and necessary? Or should I expect something to show up on the first boot by default?

Dear Keerthi,

If you update the latest SDK version(, please update Aurix FW(4.02.02). Please refer to below link. Thanks.

Hi SteveNV,

I haven’t updated anything. I have just opened the Drive PX2 out of the box, connected HDMI display to it and powered it up. Should I expect to see the Linux boot up and see something on the display or should I need to install or flash some software?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the Quick Start Guide with me and unable to find good documentation which talks about booting for the first time. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I got hold of Quick Start Guide and followed the steps. Nothing different from what I had done before, but as QSG told, I connected the red power banana plugs which corresponds to turning the ignition switch on. However, that didn’t help at all and I am still not seeing anything boot up on both Tegra A and B.

Dear Keerthi,

Could you please update DPX2 SDK and Aurix FW with above guidance SivaRamaKrishna and I provided through your host PC?