Booting Error on JN30D Board


I booted my JN30D board for the first time from an external Ubuntu device by following the steps on ‘AUVIDEA SOFTWARE SETUP GUIDE’. After that Ubuntu 18.04 was working well. Then I connected an ethernet cable and made software updates via ‘Softwares & Updates’. That was successful also, but after rebooting and checking the updates again, an upgrade for Ubuntu 20.04 was available (which is required for my project) and I started this upgrade. But at the midpoint whole system was frozen, even after waiting for half an hour nothing was working and I had to unplug its power. Now when I try to open it again there is a booting screen full of errors such as: “Failed to start RPC bind portmap service.” and “Failed to start Modem Manager” and “Failed to start Docker Application Container Engine.”. How can I resolve this and boot normally? Also it is possible to upgrade my JN30D board from 18.04 to 20.04 right?

Hi Yagizkoc,

Nvidia only officially supports Ubuntu 18.04 on the Jetson devices.

But I found the following link: Install Ubuntu 20.04 on Jetson Nano - Q-engineering which might help you upgrade your board. This shouldn’t brake the driver support for your JN30D board.

Depending on your use case, you might also want to consider using a Yocto build to have all your dependencies built together from the get-go after installation.

Thank you very much for your response Emmanuel Madrigal. I will try this method as soon as I can open my desktop but unfortunately it is not booting. Do you have any idea about the ‘Failed to start …’ errors that I am having? I uploaded two images showing these errors.

Hi Yagizkoc,

Im not familiar with that particular service, my guess is that something got broken during the upgrade. Are you able to log into the board? If so can you try reinstalling the services giving you problems?

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