Booting from backup SD cards in case of failure

Hi there,

I ordered a Jetson Nano, my first Nvidia SBC, about a week ago (I’m eagerly waiting for it to arrive in the mail).

I have had a dozen Raspberry Pi systems operating 24/7 for the last ~2 years, logging sensor data every minute. I intend to replace them with Nano’s (as I am planning a bunch of upgrades that will require the additional computing power).

To cut a long story short, last night I discovered the SD cards in one of my Pi’s has become corrupt. It’s a remote system in a completely different country, so replacing the SD card is somewhat …impossible. It’s still working most of the time, but it has been having issues and its death is inevitable.

So I’m thinking ahead and am wondering: is there a way to have multiple SD cards plugged into the Jetson Nano, and have it boot from one until it becomes corrupted, then have it switch to booting from a different card, etc.?

I’m trying to maximise the lifespan of these systems before I am forced to go in person to replace the SD card (or teach a lay-person how to do it).

Is this sort of thing possible?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I’m afraid not, as only one SD port/slot on Nano.

Ah ok, thanks anyway.

Am I right in understanding the Nano has a drive (flash memory) on the board itself where the OS can be installed, as well as on an SD card?

hi david.hunter,

The module with SD card slot only ships in the devkit, and no flash memory on it, but you can place larger orders for the devkit through distributors. Likewise the production module with 16GB eMMC will be available individually from distributors, being ready at early July.


Thank you.