Booting from NVMe && mass flashing

We want to flash hundreds of Orin NX devices, i.e mass flashing. Each orin will have NVMe drive.


  1. is it possible to flash only the NVMe drive? without flashing the orin eMMC at all. this will save great amount of time of producing the devices
  2. what is the preferred way of Nvidia for mass flashing



Sorry that I don’t know why you asked this question.
Orin NX does not have emmc…

wow. i missed that
thanks. so no internal storage at all for the Orin?

The bootloader still needs to be flashed to the QSPI flash on Orin NX. This could not be replaced by any other steps.

And the rest of partitions could be from nvme or usb drive. Depends on your case.

Thanks, so we still need for every device to flash the QSPI flash? how you would recommend to do it for hundreds of devices ?

Is this discussion based on you already read the initrd flash readme file or you just totally don’t know about it?

Hey ,
I read the readme file,
it says that the flash has to be done on Xavier device. Is it the same for Orin NX device as well?


I am not sure if you really understand it correctly…

The flash process are all initiated from host PC. Not quite sure what do you mean “the flash has to be done on Xavier device”.

Also, we are talking about Orin NX device… I don’t know why you mentioned xavier …

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