Booting from SD card with production module on custom carrier board

From my understand, the produce module is completely empty when sold. My goal is to get the device to boot from SD card on the carrier board. I tried to flash MB1 on the eMMC, but it failed with “Failed to flash/read t186ref” error. Do I have to fully flash the image onto the eMMC once with a fresh production module?

Every bootloader needs to be on the emmc. Even the cboot. Thus, flashing only the MB1 is not sufficient.

Also, AFAIK we don’t have a method to only flash MB1.

Thank you WayneWWW, that post is very helpful. According to your guide, “sudo ./ … sda1” will flash bootloader, rootfs and everything on to eMMC and tell kernel to mount rootfs from SD card. Once that is done, I still need to copy rootfs onto the SD card. Is that correct?

Yes, is not able to flash things to the external drive. Need to copy it manually.

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