BOoting from USD drive ( with a eMMC module)

the 900-13448-0020-000 | Jetson Nano Module has an eMMC module and I have been unable to get it to boot from an SSD drive ( connected through USB), I try the Jetson hack methods, some variations of that method to no avail. or I got the NVidia logo ( the big black and white logo) showing on/off or it boots from the eMMC.
it seems that the boot order is hardcoded and always starts with the eMMC. With Jetson Hack the method asks to remove the Micro SD cards, then the system does not find it, the USB drive boot. we cannot remove the eMMC, then we have to bypass it to use it to redirect t the drive .
I appreciate any suggestion or if anyone succeeds in booting on a USB drive from a Nano with an eMMC module, I would like to know the steps and also the hardware that was used.

Thank’s a lot.


Ok looking at this :

it shouldn’t make any difference NVme or Sata as both drives connects through USB . but then should I follow " Flashing to a USB Drive" or " Flashing to an NVMe Drive" .?

Guided Alan in another post.

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