Booting issue with Jetson TX1

I have recently bought a Jetson TX1 from Amazon. As by referring the manual, I have, first connected an Ethernet cable, then an 18" Samsung monitor connected via HDMI to VGA converter, then a USB keyboard, then a USB optical Mouse(connected via USB to micro USB connector) and finally the power cable.
As soon as I connected the power cable, the LED CR5(red colour) turned on. The fan has not even moved a single bit. Then I press and released the power button. Suddenly the LEDs CR1, CR2 (these two are green colour), and CR6 (red colour) has turned on. After couple of minute the Mouse and the keyboard were also on. But the display was still off.
Now I have changed the 18" Samsung monitor with 42" Toshiba screen via HDMI to HDMI cable. But the result was same. I have waited for around 10min, but nothing appeared on the screen.

So can anyone guide me what I should do next to make it run?

The fan does not normally run…the unit does not generate enough heat for this to kick in at idle. The LEDs are working as expected for normal operation.

Automatic video configuration requires a wire (a literal wire) to send DDC/EDID data…the video card sends a capabilities query, and the monitor replies via that wire. Older 15-pin D-sub VGA cables do not have this…the adapter cut the wire, and auto configuration of video cannot occur. The default mode is apparently also incompatible with that monitor, so you did not get lucky and have it work anyway.

There have been some HDMI issues with auto configuration though, perhaps your Toshiba ran into this. One test for this (on HDMI, not VGA) is to boot without the monitor, wait a minute, and then plug the monitor in (HDMI is hot plug…monitors can be added or removed on a running system…a plug in event should result in monitor being queried again). See if the Toshiba works with that.

FYI, otherwise signs are your system is running as expected. If you have a router you might find the IP address…then you could log in via ssh and find more information.

Thank you for responding.

As per your instruction, I have connected Jetson TX1 onto the same network as that of the host device. I got the IP of TX1 and I could ping it. But now when I tried to connect it with ssh, it shows an error message as “Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer”.

I had scanned the device over the network using a tool ‘Wireless Network Scanner’ to get the IP. I got the Ip from it, but there was no hostname for it.

Can you please guide me for further steps to access the board.Is there any hardware configuration to be changed, like some jumper position, etc.

I could see many such issues reported in forums. It will be good to share any documents/links that describe good troubleshooting guidelines.

Wireless won’t come configured without work. You’ll need the wired ethernet port. Do you have a wired router connected? This is where the DHCP request goes out by default.

The most reliable way to see what goes on if network access fails it via serial console. See this for serial console setup: