Booting jetson nano / corrupted image file

Hello everyone,

I was trying to flash my SD card (SanDisk 64 GB) on Windows 10 according to the guidelines given at

Since the SD card contains 64 GB, I formated the microSD card to ExFAT.
However, when trying to download the card image file from the “Getting started” site I always end up getting a corrupted file. Does anybody have a suggestion?


Hi dominique.albert-weiss,

We formatted the microSD card to the same exFAT and using Etcher tool on Windows 10 to flash JetPack-4.3 image, no issue.
Could you try download Nano SD card image from Download Center? Thanks!

Hi, I experienced the same issue. I am using 32GB sandisk sd card and the image downloaded from the link above. I used Etcher on Mac.

Hi eddtsoi,

Could you try others sdcard?
After flash completed, when you plug-in SDcard to Jetson-Nano, what’s problem are you see?
What power supply are you using?

I can not reproduce this issue. I’m using Etcher tools on Win10.

Hi Carolyuu,

I tried on two sdcard already. The Sandisk one was being used for Jetpack 4.2.1 before.
I can’t even start flashing. Etcher will stop and said the image is corrupted.

The image file I used is of size 12.88 GB. It was extracted from a 5.55GB file. Is there something wrong with the extraction?
And any other ways you could provide like a method to checksum?

I am going to flash with a window. Thank you for reply :)

Hi eddtsoi,

Sorry, I don’t understand what’s “It was extracted from a 5.55GB file.” means?
Could you update your Etcher tools version or download JP-4.3 SD card image again?

Hi carolyuu,

What I mean is the original file( size that I downloaded from nvidia website.

I upated Ecther, and now it works fine. Thank you. ;)

Hi eddtsoi,

I solved the problem for myself. I’m using a 64GB Sandisk SD Card and downloaded the file both on Windows and by using Ubuntu Windows Submodule with the wget command. Both of them gave me a corrupted image file when trying to flash my SD card with BalenaEtcher. I was able to cope with this problem by using a different pc.

Another problem I encoutnered was the booting. As in the case of many others my power suppy wasn’t sufficient enough. I’m powering with a mini-usb cable (5V/3A). However, I had problems when using a multiple socket.