Booting Jetson TX2 on the Nano carrier board - Not turning on

I read on few threads that if you put a TX2 in a Jetson Nano 2G carrier board it should work. so i bought two TX2 and placed them in the Jetson nano carrier board and nothing happens. I should mention again that I only got the SoMs and not a developer kit. I understand that there is a full documentation on how to setup TX2 on it dev kit but i was under the impression that you can launch TX2 on the Nano board.

Additionally, we have created custom carrier board for Nano 2GB which works fine for the Nano, but same, when we place the TX2 nothing happens. so i don’t know if the TX2 needs to setup on a Dev Kit first then be transferred or am I missing something and need to tweak something on the Nano carrier board to get the TX2 working

Hi. I bought the TX2 NX and I installed it in the board that we created LITA Carrier Board » BARO Vehicles and the JETSON TX2 NX works correctly.
We re creating the dts to work with 4 cameras, because is a little different than XAVIER NX and JETSON where we have 4 cameras working with 2 lanes each one correctly. Please let me know if we can help with something.

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