Booting order

Hi All,

I just finish the system booting from SD card, and was curious about the booting order.
I just copy the full rootfs from original eMMC rootfs, and modify the root parameter of extlinux.xonf, after power on the system automatically jump to external SD card.
Does it means the TX1 will automatically detect the booting source after power on, and the SD card may be in first order(at least before internal eMMC), then checking the boot folder for relative kernel image, device tree, etc. ?
Could I take any document for reference?


Hi Ray0420,

The U-Boot functionality includes a default booting scan sequence. It scans bootable devices in the following order:
•External SD Card
•Internal eMMC
•USB Device
•NFS Device

You can refer to the U-Boot Guide section from L4T Documentation :

Hi kayccc,

Thanks very much