Booting time is increased after realtime patch

Hello, we are testing AGX Xavier Developer Kit.

Booting time was 50s on JP5.0.2 before realtime patch.
But now it takes 70s for booting.
Why it is increased?
Could I save the boot time?

Hi sumin.lee1,

What is the “realtime patch”, Could you help to provide the detail of this patch?

There are several boot stages (MB1, MB2, UEFI, kernel…etc).
Each of them may affect the boot time. You could optimize it through disable/remove the modules not in use for your use case. You might need to analyze the serial console log for details.

For example, there’s always a 5s delay in UEFI waiting for user’s action to enter boot menu. If you don’t need this feature, you could refer to the following thread to reduce/disable that.
The Orin module takes a long time to startup on my carrier board - #20 by KevinFFF

I don’t know the details of the RT patch, but only the kernel changes (not the boot software). If you create a serial console boot log it will contain timestamps (make sure there is no “quiet” in “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf”; also, in JP 5.x it might be necessary to do something else to enable boot logging). Compare the timestamps both with the RT kernel and without it. You should find the point of divergence via timestamps.

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