Booting using DRM KMS only enables terminal in one monitor, the other is black, with 390.25

As the title says, have any changes been made to DRM KMS?

After updating to 390.25 my primary monitor is black and my secondary monitor shows the post-boot terminal login after boot.

After launching Xorg and closing it, both monitors show the terminal until reboot then the bug occurs again and the primary monitor is black, secondary monitor has terminal…

It’s as if it only finds one monitor on boot, and not the primary? Using Arch Linux with DRM KMS enabled via module parameter.

Very frustrating, must be something changed in the latest update.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (62.7 KB)

The other way round, it’s missing changes for kernel 4.15, so drm kms is not working:

See for the 4.15 fix.