Bootloader or fullimage flashing failed

@WayneWWW ,

Able to flash bootloader with previous host PC(2.04 version) i was using, but i tried using 35.5 jetpack release build folder, after that i flashed 36.2 bootloader _ kernel_ file sysytem with NVMe, SOM is back to work now, around 5 of our SOM were not working, all are back normal after flashing 35.5 bootloader,

is there is any issues with 36.2 vs 35.5,

Rel-36.2 will have GA version soon. So maybe wait for the official release come out and check again.

Hi @WayneWWW ,

36.2 available in jetson archive is not final release?
why we are asking that question is because, we are using Orin Nano prodcution module with our carrier board, so which one you suggest us to go ahead for production?

right now we are using 36.2, is that okay or we have to switch to 35.5?


Yes, that is a developer preview version but not the GA version. GA version will come out soon.

what you suggest is it better to switch 35.5 ?

As for now I can only suggest you to use rel-35.5 first.

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