Bootloader slots transition between 35.5.0 and 36.3


Is there any possibility when updating from L4T 35.5.0, which I understand is a hard requirement, to L4T 36.3, to update only the secondary boot slots in the QSPI and if there’s any problem during kernel boot in 36.3, to fallback to the 35.5.0 boot chain? Provided that the 36.3 bootloader load the kernel and dtb etc from an alternate rootfs which is for 36.3, and so does 35.5.0?

Or, at least for the 36.3 bootloaders to be able to boot a 35.5.0 kernel and dtb?

Thank you

Hi AlexCo,

It seems we don’t support the use case as you mentioned.
Please refer to Updating Jetson Linux with Image-Based Over-the-Air Update for details.

To upgrade from 35.5.0 to this release, you can directly apply an OTA update. It is necessary to upgrade both chains to this release by performing the OTA update twice.

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