boots to desktop...but today all windows blink at curosr rate (the whole window blinks!)

finally got the latest jetpack running updating my TX1 to the latest 64/64 environment
All ‘was’ well.
upgraded a few things here and there, played with some cuda samples, played with the desktop config a bit.

OK two days later (today) I boot up…lots of stuff scrolling by…then the desktop background comes up… but no no desktop! no toolbars…

Well…the background is there but no toolbars and any window (including prompts watching the wire ethernet connect etc ) are all flashing at about the same rep rate as the cursor in the terminal window I was able to get opened (right clicking the desktop and moving the mouse between blinks.
I swapped monitors to no effect…its the TX1 HMSI output not the monitor. good clean display (no snow or tear up) just anything being displayed the windows (entire terminal window) is blinking at about a 1hz rate

On another computer I can SSH in without issue as well as turn it on and go into flash mode (can see the TX1 in lsusb on the other computer)

So… WHAT is the issue here. Do I need to completely reflash this to get the desktop back (no blinking windows/popup notification windows blinking etc).

How or what could cuase this odd behavior?
…lost here :-(

Perhaps you overwrote some part of the hardware accelerated files. Do you see any error from:

sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release

right now…ssh’ed into the TX1 from the host I installed from…
I get a command not found for ‘shalsum’

ran bash and repeated…same not found error


That’s a number 1, not letter “l”. Should be there :P

(Trivia: There is also a sha256sum, md5sum, so on…numeric designations as to some aspect of what standard is followed for the hash).