Bootsplash in TK1 / L4T

Do you have any idea of acting bootsplash? Plymouth requires KMS, which is not here. I wonder about the possibilities that immediately ported some bootsplash for framebuffer.

basically this will require to port kernel display code to u-boot to configure display controller (for HDMI) first and load your bitmap to framebuffer from a pre-flashed partition bitmap data.

Hi did you figure out already with the splash screen with Plymouth on TK1, if it is yes, could you provide any suggestion on this, thank you.

If KMS is needed, then probably not. KMS has only barely been ported to the NVIDIA driver on x86, not sure about ARM. Maybe something could be hacked together with Nouveau, but not a lot of people seem to be using that on the Jetson.

No success here so far :(