Both design/CG & BIO/drug purpose, Geforce or Tesla?

Hi guys, i am very happy to be here, saying hi to all mates here!

My situation is like this:

I own both 1.a professional design company–CG animation, 3D visual stuff

and 2.a bioinformatic/drug developing company–with lots of stimulation works

I am puzzled if i should put a small budget and get 4xGTX480 SLId or should i get an expensive tesla system?

considering the price of qua-tesla system, i am digging to know how is the computing performance of 4 gtx480 sli compared to

4 tesla!

Besides, i heard that tesla does not support opengl, are the 20xx series still go along the same path? if so, does that mean a NO

considering using tesla into the design world?

two more question: 1.if i am getting 4 gtx480 sli, i am planning to get an EVGA SR-2 board, with only one IOH, will data tranfer of

this scale jam up the IOH path?

2.if i am getting 4 Tesla, in order to get the best performance, do i need to get a dual IOH board or the same

jam up same worry may happen?