Boucle from Installation of the app "Drive" from Omniverse

Dear friends, every time the omniverse launcher starts up, it wants to reinstall the “Drive” app. A looping expecie. I also happened with the installation of “Nucleus” and I had to copy the folders before pressing the cancel button.
I think it is a bug in the launcher. Can you check for new updates?


Hmm, this is unusual behavior. Can you try uninstalling Drive, reboot your machine, and then try installing again, making sure you allow the install to complete and click OK. Let me know if this fixes the issue or not. Thank you.

Dear @FViloria thanks for your attention. I have canceled and re-started. I have reinstalled and the boucle continued.
In the end, I have uninstalled, rebooted and recorded the installation process with my formula to solve the problem.
Here is the video so that your department can fix this kind of strange bug. It also happened to me with Nucleus and I solved it in the same way.

Note: Installation is never complete, yesterday I left it overnight.

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