Bounce the ball?

I am playing with physx in Create - making my Marbles contest project :)

I wish my marbles to bounce up like superballs. I see some bouncing but I would like to see more.
How could I affect this behavior of the marbles?


the ball bounce is determined by the material restitution.
In the Window->Physics->Demo Scenes you can check Snippets->Material restitution demo

The bounce is computed based on the two colliders materials. Based on the restitution operator - average by default (average between the two colliding objects).
In Create->Physics->Physics material one can create a physics material that can be assigned to a collision.
One can also use regular rendering material and Add->Physics->Rigid Body Material.

To create a super bouncing balls, it would need both materials to have increased restitution (colliders without a material have default restitution 0.5), you can check the Contact Report demo for example, that does show a super bouncy ball.


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